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We specialize in purchasing premium or vintage Coin Collections, Jewelry, and Bullion. Our service offers a personal and discreet experience to families and individuals doing estate liquidations, inheritances and personal collections. 

Step 1: Introduction and Consultation

          We will schedule time phone call or virtual meeting for your initial consultation. These consultations typically last between 10-30 mins. This gives us an opportunity to introduce ourselves and to learn more about your collection and what your overall goal and timelines are. If done virtually we can do our best to assess the quantity and condition of your items. 

Step 2: Evaluation

          With in-home service we eliminate the risks associated with traveling or shipping your valuables. Praetorian does not charge for this service nor do we charge travel, finders, shipping or evaluation fees. There are no costs to you as a seller, Praetorian eliminates additional charges that diminish the value of your items. 

Step 3: Payment and Taking Delivery

             Once we have evaluated all of your items we will make a final offering price. We offer payments in cash, check or wire transfer. Once the payment is made we will take delivery of the items.

Step 4: Follow-up

             We have clients who from time to time only want to sell a portion of their collection at one time and choose to sell the rest at a future date. If this is the case we can schedule a follow-up call at a future time to discuss the rest. We encourage our clients to keep in mind that market prices do fluctuate and offers are good only at time of evaluation. Please explore our "what we Buy" page for a full list of the items we buy.

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